High sensitive and potty training

My child is high sensitive, how do I teach him/her to get potty trained? When something changes in the life of a child who is high sensitive, it can be a challenge for the parents. In the past you might have not seen these situations coming but after a while

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When to start potty training?

When to start potty training? Potty training…. One will start when their child is 2.5 years old and another will say: “I’ll wait until they are ready!” But what if that doesn’t happen? Are you going to wait until the very last minute just before they go to primary school?

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10 steps to potty training

There are many ways to potty train your child. But which steps to potty train support your child an gets results? Some parents introduce a potty and regularly put their child on it to get familiar with it. Often, they do this in combination with a pull up so chances

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